"To serve the community, the profession, and the person."
The Process:  by  Evelyn Sayre, MT(ASCP), MAOM, Founding President

1. Obtain an original copy of your transcripts of records from the College or University where you have acquired your Bachelors Degree in Medical Technology.

2. Contact any of the following Evaluation Agencies for Foreign Academic Credentials to find out the requirements for Equivalency Evaluation:

International Education Research Inc  310-390-6076
Educational Credential Evaluators Inc  414-289-3400

Educational Evaluators International Inc  562-431-2187

Note: If you have already done the above go to # 3

3. Contact any of the following National Examination Agency to find out the requirements for taking the national exam.

American Medical technologists (AMT)
(847) 823-5169 or (800) 275-1628

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)
(312) 541-4999 or (800) 267-ASCP (2727)
National Credentialing Agency (NCA)
(913) 895-4613

4. Take the exam and pass the exam.
Note: If you have already done 1-3 you may skip to step 5.

5. Download the application form for Clinical Laboratory for Personnel Certification from Click on Bureau of Licensure and Certification, then click on Medical Laboratories and Lab Personnel

6. Fill out the form completely. Select Clinical Laboratory Technologist, or better yet, General Supervisor if you have evidence of at least 3 years of full-time experience in a licensed laboratory under the supervision of a laboratory director.

7. Submit to the Nevada Health Division Bureau of Licensure and Certification (address on the upper right hand corner of the application form ) the following documents:

Completely filled-out application form for personnel certification.
Proof of passing the national examination as a Medical Technologist.
Original Transcript Evaluation of your College Transcripts from the National Evaluation Agency, or original Transcripts from your College or University when required.
Fee by Check or Money Order payable to BLC or the Bureau of Licensure and certification (Initial fee for Clinical Laboratory technologist is $113 and $225 for General Supervisor).

A letter from the Bureau of Licensure of Certification will be mailed to your mailing address if other items are needed to complete your application, or if all is completed, your license in the State of Nevada as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist, or as a General Supervisor.
For further assistance of the licensure process, you may contact a Laboratory Surveyor or the Laboratory Administrative Assistant at (775) 687-4475 in Carson City, or (702) 486-6515 in Las Vegas. 