IN THE BEGINNING..........1992, Romy Guideng and his wife Joy attended a PAMET-USA national convention in Santa Clara , California. Being the only Nevadan with Northern California Chapter affiliation, he was encouraged by the national leaders  to organize  a chapter in his home state. Overwhelmed with excitement from his experience at the convention, he went home with a dream and the hope of forming a PAMET-NEVADA chapter.

With enthusiasm, he mentioned the idea to Filipino med techs he worked with and med tech friends from other laboratories especially to Cleofita Lim, whom he knew was a member of PAMET-PI before she came to the United States. In separate occasions, Romy and Fita each  approached Evelyn Sayre, who has a lot of knowledge and experience in management.They knew Evelyn has the brain, ability, the influence and charm to make things happen. But for numerous reasons, their effort did not materialize. The idea sat idle.

Five years later, in 1997 Nellie Almoina, member of California Chapter relocated to Las Vegas to work for American Pathologists Laboratories. There she met Ellie Garcia and her sister Becky, both members of California chapter. The three-some talked about forming a chapter but somehow  their work demands had overcome the plan.

In the late summer of 1998 , Virginia Quintin , coming from Indianapolis where she was a secretary of PAMET-Indiana, started a job at APL. There she met Nellie and Ellie, who were very seriously contemplating on the idea of a Nevada chapter.Together they discussed the hot topic and they became  elated about it. With their constant discussions and serious planning , the idea actually became rosy. They felt they were on cloud nine, but then, the plan slowlly drifted back to a dream  as the idea became idle once again.

In the early summer of 1999, Liz Dequinia, then PAMET-USA President and Trini Miller, came to Las Vegas for two reasons: To scout for a venue for the PAMET-USA 7th National Board Meeting which was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas at the end of August that year. And, to contact Nellie on the possibility of a Nevada Chapter formation. Liz offered a very enticing proposal which Nellie could not resist. So she called people that she knew were interested, to meet with them. Tina del Castillo (also from APL), Nellie, and Ellie were the only ones on hand. The scheme was to install interim officers in the presence of the national officers and the promise of a full support from the mother chapter, PAMET-USA. So, the three waited no time to put on their shoes, rolled up their sleeves and went to work contacting people more seriously than ever. The dream was about to become a reality.

In less than a week before the 7th Biennial National Board Meeting of August 27. 28. 29, 1999 the key people who met with Liz and Trini, called for an emergency meeting.  Nellie Almoina, Aquilles Anquillano, Tina Del Castillo, Becky Garcia, Romy Guideng, and Virginia Quintin met to ardently discuss how this could this be done in just few days away from the said dates. They enthusiasticaly volunteered for office, fervently recruited for the other positions and unanimously appointed (with their fingers crossed that she would agree) Evelyn Sayre to be the President. The 7th Biennial National Board Meeting took place and  the first interim officers of PAMET-NEVADA. installed on August 28,1999 at the Boardwalk Hotel and Casinos in the heart of Las Vegas Strip.

Thus the NEVADA CHAPTER of PAMET-USA was created!
  T H E   S T O R Y   of   P A M E T - N E V A D A   C R E A T I O N   

Las Vegas was the scene, 14 was the lucky number, and August 28.1999 was the momentous event that was recorded in PAMET history.

It was a rare occasion for a PAMET chapter to be so well represented at the installation of it's very first officers. That's just what happened to the 14th Chapter of PAMET-USA. It was indeed a great honor and lasting experience to PAMET-NEVADA for the mother organization to be there to witness the coming of it's youngest creation.

PAMET-USA was in Las Vegas, not only to meet and discuss the forthcoming 7th Biennial National Convention 2000, but to celebrate the induction of the interim officers of it's 14th chapter.

It really took more than luck for Liz Dequinia, PAMET-USA President 1998-2000  to see a Nevada Chapter be organized and formed in such short notice. It must have felt like hitting a blazing double 7 ( note: chapter's # is 14 ) at the slot machines. Or better yet, hittiing the EP slots for Elvis to sing " Viva Las Vegas !" After all, to get these hard working Med Techs to group together is as difficult as keeping marbles from rolling on a flat surface. With conflicting schedules,their week-ends falling on a weekday, and the inviting glitters of city life, getting together doesnt very much happen.

The induction party and celebration was at the Boardwalk Hotel and Casinos right at the heart of Vegas. The glitz and glamour that is LV undeniably enhanced by each Chapter's representation and entourage ; the elegance of Edna Ariel (Texas) and Annie Villareal (Michigan), the zestfulness of Gloria de la Cruz (Georgia) and Ted Intal (New York), the sophistacation of Zita Lopez (New Jersey) and Pete Montilla (Virginia), the congeniality of Trini Miller ( So. California), and Letty Acosta ( No.  CA) ,the charisma of Tony Ricafort ( Indiana ) and Banny de la Cruz (Midwest- IL), not to mention the ritzy Las Vegans who had their own effervescence to make this induction ball a success. The gracefulness that was in the air that evening, rhymed with the music that fused to the prism of the psychedelic light that generated a ball-room full of awesome choreography as they swayed gracefully to music reminiscense of yesteryears.

Ordinarily,an induction is not called a ball with out the usual invocations, introductions, speeches, and dinner. In Las Vegas, it is not called an Induction Ball with out gambling on the side. While others danced till they dropped, others dropped their money on a table or to the slot machines at the casino which was just a step away from the dancing floors. Some came back to the party room with more energy to dance and some came back saying that the only machine that paid back was the ATM. However they felt that evening, either with fatter or thinner billfold after an hour or so later, a delightful evening was gained, to say the least.

It was an evening of lights, camera, action ! While couples nuzzled as they danced, long time friends and new ones mingled with each other as the music played endlessly. Several facial expressions vividly described one particular emotion. And that was simply...HAPPY !


The PAMET-USA, Inc. 7th Biennial National Meeting was held in Las Vegas and at the same time the first interim officers of PAMET-NV were installed, thus PAMET, Nevada Chapter was formed. Place: Holiday Inn Hotel and Casinos, Las Vegas Strip. Evelyn Sayre, President for term 1999-2002

PAMET-NV was incorporated and appointed Romy Guideng as the organiztion's Resident Agent (RA).

APRIL 2002
Inauguration Ball for the second set of officers, in conjunction with the UST Reunion. Place: Stardust Hotel and Casinos. Leo Fabriquier was installed as President for term 2002-2004.

The website was launched.Created, designed and maintained by PAMET-NV member, Virginia Gambon-Quintin.

MAY 2003
The first PAMET-NV- sponsored scholarship was presented to Nevada's deserving high school graduate by President Leo Fabriquier at the Fiesta Hotel and Casinos. The award was matched by United Blood Services of Las Vegas.

The third set of officers for the next term was elected. Leo Fabriquier, re-elected as president  2004-2008  Lydia Coleman, President-Elect for the term 2006-2008

Held the first PAMET-USA, INC teleconference/meeting for all the 14 chapters. Place: Hyatt Regency Resort, Lake Las Vegas. Led by PAMET-USA President Ricky Martinez and Leo Fabriquier, PAMET-NV Prez.

Hosted PAMET-USA 9th Biennial National Convention Sept 8-12, 2004. Place: Stardust Hotel and Casino. Three PAMET-NV officers elected to National office positions. Evelyn Sayre, 1st Vice President; Leo Fabriquier, Board 0f Director; Virginia Quintin, Corresponding Secretary, also chosen as the Most Outstanding Member (MOM).

The first Review Class was held Oct. 29, 2005. It ran through January 28, 2006. The class was
Co-sponsored by QUEST Diagnostics Lab and United Blood Services.

The 4th set of officers was elected. Ferdie Destura, President-Elect, for  term 2008 and 2009

APRIL 2006
Officers for 2006 and 2007 were sworn in by PAMET-USA president Letty Acosta, at a party held in Jurani's Sports and Dance Studio on
April 26, 2006. Lydia Coleman, President.

On August 6 at the PAMET-USA 9th Biennial National Convention in
San Francisco, CA, won "Best Performance" on  a Broadway Theme contest and "Best Booth Display". Current President Lydia Coleman was elected National
3rd Vice President.

MARCH 2007
The second review class started and ended in May. Venue at QUEST.

Hosted the PAMET-USA 11th Biennial Executive Board Meeting. Venue was RIO All Suites and Casinos in Sept. 27-28-29.

The 5th set of officers was elected Dec. 9 . Fita Lim, President-elect for term 2010 and 2011

Officers for 2008-2009, Ferdinand Destura as President, were inducted by PAMET-USA President Mila Braganza in Jan. 12 . The  place was Cafe Moda.

MAY  2008
In May 22, President Ferdie Destura and 1st VP Shirley Cruzada attended UBS 8th Annual "Celebration of Life" HS awards Luncheon where PAMET-NV was acknowledged as a yearly donor to the UBS Scholarship Program. Annual picnic to welcome new members and fund raising held at The Lakes in May 25, Memorial Day weekend.

JULY  2008
PAMET-NV was represented by Leo Fabriquier in the meeting of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFA), on July 3rd.

  At the 11th Biennial National Convention of Aug. 27 to 31 in Houston,Texas: Leo Fabriquier was elected 1st Vice President, Ferdie Destura, member of the Board of Directors. PAMET-NV received awards for second best chapter and placed 3rd at the Fun Night dance competition. Leo and Evelyn won Cowboy and Cowgirl  awards. Some members were also given awards of achievments in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of PAMET-USA:Virgie Quintin for launching website and maintaining it for 4 years, Evelyn Sayre for being the founder of the 14th Chapter PAMET-NV. Our delegates performed a special dance presentation at the Grand Ball.

The 3rd annual review class started in Sept.27, ended November 22, Venue was UNLV.

DECEMBER 13, 2008
Christmas Party held at Leo Fabriquier's place.

Donated $250.00 to the  annual high school scholarship fund matched by UBS.

MARCH 2009
Donated to PAMET-PI Scholarship fund $600.00 to be awarded to 6 deserving members,2 each from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

APRIL 2009
Leo Fabriquier being the National 1st Vice President inducted PAMET-NORCAL's new set of officers during their chapter's anniversay.

Leo Fabriquier, Romy Guideng and Ricky Martinez were representative to the National meeting in Michigan.

Annual picnic and general membership meeting held at the Lakes. It was sponsored by Romy Dublin.

"To serve the community, the profession, and the person."
The Celebration

          And so they  came to celebrate! Those loyal to the organization, members, officers, and  friends  alike were there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PAMET-NV. They all came to enjoy this much awaited momentous occasion to celebrate "A DECADE of SERVICE". As it was in the beginning and as it is after 10 years, this coveted celebration was again an absolute masterpiece of its kind that will pass and  be preserved in the Chapter's history.
It was August 2009 when PAMET-NV reached its decade milestone. It was celebrated on January 23, 2010 and was held in a place fitting for its hometown… a casino convention hall. Of course, like the very first inauguration in August 1999, there is always that inevitable gambling on the side. After all it is Las Vegas, right? It was held in Santa Fe Casino on Rancho, a good few miles away from the heart and glitter of the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas Strip. 10 years ago its birth was celebrated at the then-Holiday Inn Casino located in the heart of the Strip. The Holiday Inn Casino is now long gone and has made way for new money making projects.  Las Vegans can never keep up with these numerous face lifts taking place along the strip and it's outskirts. It's the never ending construction sites that Nevadans have to endure for an undetermined length of time. PAMET-NV is keeping up with the pace. It is also changing and improving.
           The 6th set of officers was sworn in during the anniversary celebration. PAMET-USA National 1st VP, Leo Fabriquier inducted the officers. Since he is PAMET-NV's very own it was very convenient for him and for the association. National President Esther Madamba sent her heartfelt apologies as she was unable to make the trip from PAMET-TX.
           It was a well attended occasion. Techs from different hospitals in the valley were there. Members and non-members had an absolute good time.  Though PAMET-SOCAL outnumbered PAMET-NORCAL's representations, both made the enjoyment more complete. They all exhibited their talents in line dancing which only a few of our members knew how.  Nestor Tuazon of PAMET-Southern California demonstrated it to a group of enthusiasts who were eager to learn the moves. “Did they get it yet?” was the facial expression of the disc jockey as he played the music over and over again. Everyone had a great time learning some new moves on the dance floor.
       There was also karaoke! But only a few had the courage to demonstrate their voice talent. Everyone knew there were more than few talented singers out there, but their shyness impeded their ability to show what they could do. 
       The food was simple but good. Since it is Las Vegas, it was served buffet style… of course.  Where else in the country can you get so much food for so little a price?  After everyone had their fill, there were a few quick ceremonial speeches, the induction of officers, some singing and dancing, and more eating and drinking.   It was a wonderful time to connect with friends.  The party didn’t stop till midnight.

Footnotes and Recognition:
Dr. Pete Racoma................................................keynote speaker
Evelyn Sayre......................................................introduced keynote speaker
Ferdie Destura..................................................farewell address
Shirley Cruzada................................................introduction of incoming president
Fita Lim.................................................................incoming president for 2010 and 2011
Leopoldo Fabriquier.........................................induction officer
Nelly Almoina and Angel Mercado..............EMCEE

CONGRATULATIONS to all the officers at the start of the next decade.

May PAMET-NV become stronger with the help of it's memberships to forge on to a new and higher height to serve the community, the profession and the person.

Christmas party was held at a Filipino Restaurant. The 6th set of officers were elected, Virginia Gambon-Quintin as President elect for term 2012 and 2013.

MARCH 2010
Celebrated the 10th year Anniversary of PAMET-NV at the induction of new sets of officers at the Fiesta Casino. Fita Cabardo Lim sworned in as the incoming president for term 2010 and Leo Fabrquier being a PAMET-USA ist Vice President.

PAMET-USA  National Convention

PAMET-USA National Meeting hosted by PAMET-SoCal. Representatives were Nellie Almoina, Fita Lim, Ricky Martinez and Leo Fabriquier.

MARCH 2012
Induction of the next president Virginia Gambon Quintin and her executive board at Revere Golf Club in Anthem. It was well represented by PAMET-SoCal and PAMET- NorCal. Pamet National President Nile Alconcel was the inducting officer.